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The T-Shirt Sale

April 3 - 14


Sizes S - 5XL


S-XL: $18.45

2XL: $25.45

3XL: $28.45

4XL: $30.45

5XL: $34.45


Hey, I'm Brandon! Have a question?
Give me a call at 715.245.5841 or
send an email to


Brandon Howard
Director of Sales


*This promotion is available from 4/3/17 through 4/14/17 while supplies last. TKC Supply reserves the right to change, alter, or remove sales as it sees fit. Applicable items for this promotion include item number 30713 sizes S - 5XL. Use or contact your sales representative to purchase. Purchases must be processed through by midnight CST 4/14/17.