Creating Peace of Mind ...


What is it?

MomIAmOk is a GPS-enabled device your child can discreetly carry with them. This device and our mobile application allow parents and children to stay connected 24/7 - no matter the distance.


No matter your child's age you worry about them.  Use this unique version of technology to set agreed upon check-ins, track locations/path during travel or exercise, and assist in reconnecting when a check-in is missed.

The World can be scary ...

Don't make your kids miss our on living their lives! Using MomIAmOk, you can stay connected to your child or children as necessary, knowing that if the unthinkable ever happens that his technology has the data to help resolve the situation as quickly as possible! Why leave things up to chance?

1. Real Time Tracking

Using the GPS technology on your mobile phone, our technology draws a map of where you have been.

2. Mom, I am OK!

Together, set times that you routinely check-in. When at class, out for dinner, etc. - saying "Mom, I am Ok!" If a check-in is missed, then your path is known.


Using Geo-fencing, get alerts when your child leaves a specific area.

3. Missed Check-in

Our app is able to determine everywhere you have been and can bring your information to your family and law enforcement immediately, when deemed necessary.

A generation of technology ...

Kids these days have grown up with technology. If Facebook and Google are tracking an individual's every move, why aren't we using this knowledge and innovation to keep people safe?

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